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Red Light Neon

I was woken up at some ungodly hour (around 10am or so) by a friend reminding me that today was the day: the walking tour of the History of Vancouver’s Sex Trade. No, there’s no mistake there. I’m talking about prostitution and brothels and where it was and who tried to clean it up. (The answer to those two questions are it varied through time, and mostly politicians trying to get into office.)

The tour was lead by Daniel Francis and included an autographed copy of Red Light Neon. A solid two hours of information starting from China Town, looping across as far as The Penthouse, and back through Granville and Hastings to Victory Park.

I took my camera along, and uploaded set of photos to Flickr.

If you are by chance in Vancouver, or know someone who is, and are (or think that person would be) interested, it will run again next Sunday, meeting at the China Town Gate. Cost $22. Worth every penny.

(The Lunar New Year parade was going through the starting point of the tour today, sadly the tour proved to be more interesting, so I didn’t take as many photos of the parade or it’s participants as I might have done otherwise.