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Thames Path

On Saturday I went for a walk. 4.2 miles of walking, in fact.

Of course by walk I mean I picked up the camera, caught a bus and a couple of tubes, and then walked along the River Thames, from Westminster to London Bridge and back. The southside was, for almost all the way, a far more interesting walk.

The first half of the walk saw street performers, and lots of people. The weather was nice and sunny without being too hot. You had your usual “escape from a straight jacket”, various statues of the usual “make themselves look metal” and the slightly less so, and plenty of others. I walked past the Eye (oh my god the crowds), Tate, and caught the lift up to the top of the OXO building to have a better look at the surrounds.

The walk back to Westminster wasn’t as fun. Maybe I was tired, maybe the clouds had turned just that little bit more gray. Perhaps it was that for far too much of it you end walking away from the river bank. Combined with some works near London Bridge this meant crossing a very busy street, which lacked a pedestrian crossing. Further along there were some nice seats against the wall, and thankfully a free toilet.

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