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Visiting Αθήνα

Atheneaum Intercontinental

I’ve spent a chunk of this week in Athens, working. It’s conference time.

General comments on Greece:

The thing about being at a conference in the hotel you are staying at is you can think “I won’t go to the reception tonight” and realise you haven’t left the hotel in 48 hours. At all. Not a foot outside. At least the food is good!

Additionally: Heathrow security are nowhere near as… horrible as various North American airport security. I left a pocket knife in my jacket, and while I did have everything searched, and swabbed, I was able to to get it posted back to myself. No being treated like a criminal. They were even open to chat while they were searching.

Had a little bit more fun when the taxi I got at the airport, and before we got 10 minutes from the airport the cab broke down. Totally. Like with smoke and everything. Luckily another taxi came along. Still cost me €40.